You Bet! Tomorrow is Grandpa’s day. “SUPER BOWL SUNDAY”.



 Don’t permit this throw you off, Grandma has her amusing, too.


We have invited a gaggle of old time friends, from the home city, a number of the associates, the grandchildren and their parents.


Grandpa could be cooking at the bbq and grandma might be setting up her favored snack desk. The ball sport begins at three:00 within the afternoon and we ought to have a few hungry visitors. Grandpa may also format a pool for everybody to take their chances. 50 cents a square must do it. We will have winners by way of the sector and a massive winner on the quit. Visit :- เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์


This vintage Grandpa is torn between which crew to pick. I picked the Bears at the start of the playoffs and have caught with them all of the way. Even day after today I have them picked to win the Super Bowl Game. On the alternative hand, I need the Colts to win, because one of my formative years friends is coaching for the Colts. What to do? What to do? I expect the Bears to win. But, it’s even extra if the Colts win. My friend will pick out up his sixth Super Bowl Ring. Now, bet who it’s miles.


If you guessed Tom Moore, you’re proper. I went to grade school and Jr. High with Tom in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. We performed football, basketball, baseball and ran song. If you evern get a hazard to look a picture of the Jr High Football team among 1949 & 1953, We’ll each be in it and Im’ the one keeping the ball. There used to be a Maid Rite Cafe, in Mt. Pleasant, IA that had all the pix on the wall. Tom and I each moved away after our Freshman yr. He went to Minnesota and I moved to California.


So the next day, I’ll be cheering for the Bears, and on the same time my coronary heart will be with Tom and the Colts. We’re searching forward to a notable day of Football and looking for the Best Commercial. They have had a few truely humorous ones, the past few years. And, we won’t neglect to celebration!


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