Smartphones – The Reason Why You Should Get One

In this point in time, I can’t really think about anyone I know who wouldn’t benefit from acquiring and using a smartphone. Even my mom and dad, who are now both of their seventies, would find a smartphone is a useful device. Your modern smartphone can be described as a true multimedia device. Like having a desktop within your pocket, it is space age technology, even further ahead than the Tricorder in Star Trek! Let us look at the features of the good smartphone and see how useful they are.


What some kit! GPS is what really sets the smartphone apart from lesser devices. Now, you know where you are, wherever you are. And much more importantly, you now know where you are going. With applications like Heyway, you don’t even will want to phone your friend to inform them whre abouts you are. Even better – you don’t have to speak to them to guide them to you. Google maps will take care of that. So, a crowded bar, plenty of noise, a conversation with someone you can’t hear, to guide them to a bar you do not know. This is now all a thing from the past.

Camera and Video:

A camera as well as a video camera. Awesome. Back in the old days, you would see something in a street that was interesting, stand and watch for a while and later whenever you were in the pub, hold your associates spellbound with a fascinating rendition of the story, Peter Ustinov style. And every so often you will still wish to do this. Especially if you want to decorate the narrative a bit. But, you now possess the choice to take a picture, or even a video of the whole event. vivo v17 pro

Take an occurrence I chanced upon last week. I am walking along Regent Street, minding my very own business, as you do. I see a crowd around a store just past Hamley’s. Similar to a Meer cat, my neck’s up and I am trying to find the action. It is a shoplifter. He is being held in a headlock position by 3 security guards. Prada. I have not seen any real life or quality action like this for days (I was in Brixton last week). There’s lots of shouting and he’s actually doing quite good considering he’s outnumbered 3 to 1. Sudden as a flash, I whip out my iPhone and begin video recording. This is simply the sort of footage that will provide you with centre stage at my weekly meeting of geeky friends at the pub. The disturbance continues for several more minutes. The handbag (yes, a handbag!) he has stolen is retrieved before police force are called to take his particulars and ensure that he gets a warning and a holiday in the Bahamas for being underprivileged and having to steal. And I get to hold court screening the video and explaining to my friends what a fascinating, diverse and dangerous part of town I work in. Every one is a winner.



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